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The Best Picnic Blankets - Christmas Gifts 2016

October 07, 2015

We've called it. Our Throwdowns - or as we like to refer to them, The Best Picnic Blankets - have been re-stocked and are waiting to enjoy summer with you! They make the best Christmas gifts. Who doesn't want to laze around on stripes with a chilled bottle of sparkling water (Prosecco) and many types of fruit (many types of cheese) in summer time? Show us the person who doesn't enjoy laying about reading the Financial Times (Vogue) and reviewing their shares (Likes). Our friendly Throwdowns, drill or denim on top, black canvas backed, are 140cm x 170cm and come in their very own little baggie. Ready for grazing or gifting. From us to you, with lots of the love... Continue Reading →