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Onekind Kids Quilt Cover Sale

October 27, 2015

We're having a Spring Kids Quilt Cover Sale! Right now at our shop online, our entire second collection of kids bedding - including quilt covers, bedthrows, pillowcases and cushions - is 50% OFF! Searching for Christmas gifts? Makeover time? Just feel like a splurge? We're here for you. Our kids bedding range is made with the older child in mind. Those kids who've moved on from fire engines and fairies but still want colour and cool in their room. Use our discount code, FIFTYOFF, at checkout and we'll have your snappy new bed outfit on it's way. From us to you, with love x Onekind Kids Quilt Cover Sale - 50% OFF Onekind Denim Quilt Cover Sale Monotone Kids Quilt... Continue Reading →